• 🔥 $Rickcoin aims to expand the perception of memecoins. Get on board the rocket before it takes off.
    Direct rewards with amounts exceeding 1,000 USDT
    Rewards program & airdrops
    Join the $Rickcoin VIP community, share the project, generate visits, and obtain exclusive immediate rewards. There are more than 40,000 USDT available for sharing 🚀
    Smart Contract
    What is the rewards program?

    To grow our community, a unique opportunity for rewards and incentives for users has been launched. These rewards are based on completing a series of tasks that add value to the entire $RickCoin ecosystem, allowing you to earn up to more than 1,000 USDT a week with immediate deposits directly to users’ wallets, with no waiting, 100% transparent for the entire $RK community. This rewards mode will be available until April 1, 2024.

    How does it work?

    You need to complete a series of fairly simple tasks that encourage the promotion and dissemination of $Rickcoin. These tasks will allow you to accumulate points which can be exchanged for $USDT or $RK, which will be received as rewards in the Airdrop.

    When will I receive my Airdrop and rewards?

    Every Sunday, rewards will be sent to the wallets of those who have been actively participating in the rewards system. These payments will be in USDT.

    The airdrop will be sent on April 1 to all active holders in the community. The amount will depend on the value you have contributed to the project.

    Send your address to Rickcoin support via Telegram

    Tasks / Missions

    By completing each of these tasks, you can earn USDT and Rickcoin. The amount of money you earn will depend on the effort you put in!

    1 – Accumulated visits on tiktok mentioning Rickcoin:

    – 1,000 visits – Reward: 4 USDT
    – 10,000 visits – Reward: 45 USDT
    – 100,000 visits – Reward: 500 USDT

     2 – Bonus points – Show your face/person:

    – 1,000 visits – Reward: 7 USDT
    – 10,000 visits – Reward: 75 USDT
    – 100,000 visits – Reward: 710 USDT

     3 – Being active in the social media:

    –  Set a Rickcoin profile picture.
    – Comment on Rickcoin posts on all networks.
    – Add value.
    – Create designs related to Rickcoin. 
     Upload memes.
    – Actively create creative and disruptive content for Rickcoin.

    Reward: AIRDROP valued between 500 to 1,000 USDT, depending on the value you provide.

    Proof of community

    To demonstrate your activity, you must tag Rickcoin’s official social media accounts, whether it’s on TikTok, X, or Instagram. 

    Oficial social media:
    – IG: Rickcoin.crypto 

    – X: Rickcoincrypto
    – TikTok: Rickcoincrypto

    You must also send evidence of your activity to Rickcoins support Telegram: t.me/rickcoinsupport.

    By completing this exactly as instructed, you will be participating in our rewards program and can win up to $1,000 weekly!

    Best of luck to everyone participating! If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact Rickcoin’s official support via Telegram.