• 🔥 $Rickcoin aims to expand the perception of memecoins. Get on board the rocket before it takes off.
    Important announcements
    If you want to see the latest changes and important announcements about $RICK, you can view them below. The team continues to work hard to bring the latest news and improvements to the $RICK ecosystem 🚀
    Smart Contract

    The $RICK token has been officially listed in Bitget's WEB3 Wallet (IMPORTANT: Not in the CEX), allowing investors to perform SWAPs and check the token's information in real time. This step increases the token's exposure and the possibility of being present on new platforms, ensuring greater confidence. 🔥

    This is one of the important initial steps before reaching Bitget's official CEX, where relevant arrangements are already being made.

    It's noteworthy that BITGET AUDITED us last week, awarding us an excellent score of 0% risk on the token 🔒. This indicates the security and seriousness of the project, thus ensuring the great path ahead.

    🚀 This is just the beginning of something big! HOLD HOLD HOLD HOLD! 🚀

    Link for WEB3 SWAP 👉  https://web3.bitget.com/en/swap/bnb/0x7552742DFCCc8D0b13463ec93D259A3D87249a2d

    Link to the BITGET AUDIT 👉 https://share.bwb.site/es/tools/ContractDetectionv2?chainId=56&contractAddress=0x7552742DFCCc8D0b13463ec93D259A3D87249a2dw

    March 26, 2024
    ✅ The pool’s liquidity has been locked ✅

    The LP lock has been permanently implemented on the $RICK token, which is of great importance to investors who will now have increased security and confidence when entering the $RICK ecosystem.

    Liquidity locking means that the $RICK team no longer has control over the tokens and the pool's money, thereby ensuring greater trust among all investors.

    March 20, 2024
    🔥 $10,000,000 $RICK burned! 🔥

    As you may know, there's a wallet holding over 15% of the total supply

    This is a smart contract that distributes tokens from the presale, rewards, team, etc

    The team has decided to forfeit their 5% share, and a percentage of the rewards tokens will be paid in USDT

    This means that +$10,000,000 $rick will never move from that wallet!

    The remaining ricks are those that have not yet been claimed by presale buyers, and another percentage from the tokenomics

    So, while the total supply is $69,420,000 $Rick, only $59,420,000 will be available for buying/selling, increasing the scarcity of the asset and adding more long-term value! ⚜

    This is a significant step for the community! Decentralization and proper token distribution are important!

    With this in motion, we take a huge step towards $Rick scarcity 💎

    March 20, 2024