• 🔥 $Rickcoin aims to expand the perception of memecoins. Get on board the rocket before it takes off.
    Rickcoin: The ultimate Dao & Finance project
    The first memecoin with real utility, The ultimate DAO & Finance project, a token that seeks to make a difference and mark a before and after. Join this amazing community now 🔥
    CA: 0x7552742DFCCc8D0b13463ec93D259A3D87249a2d
    A vibrant decentralized community
    $Rickcoin: Built by the people, for the people
    Dive into Rickcoin, enjoy web3 decentralization, where each member has the same power of choice, freedom, and justice. We aim to transform perspectives by offering greater decision-making power to our community.
    Rick Dao
    Gain voting power by acquiring $Rick, participate in proposals, and freely choose the future of the token along with the entire community.
    Ai integration
    We work with multiple artificial intelligence tools that we will integrate into the project. AI will bring decentralization and efficiency.
    Defi plataform
    All DAO participants will have the option to receive rewards and profits on our decentralized finance platform.
    Join the DAO revolution now
    Buy safely, easily, and
    quickly in just 3 steps
    How to buy?
    Connect wallet
    Connect your preferred decentralized wallet, whether it's MetaMask or another, in a completely secure and easy way.
    Choose amount
    Select how much you want to buy using BNB or USDT on the BEP20 network. Have BNB for gas!
    Get $Rickcoin
    Click "buy," approve in your wallet, and you're done! You now have your $rick. You can claim it once the presale is over.
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    Remember to buy cryptocurrencies at your own risk.
    They may not be regulated in your jurisdiction. Keep your assets safe!
    Distribution of the total tokens
    $Rickcoin is the main utility token in the Dao
    with core values.
    Supply: 69,420,000 $Rickcoin
    Equitable distribution is crucial. By allocating 60% to the presale, we achieve greater decentralization.
    41.652.000 $Rk
    Benefits for holders and the community. The 20% will be allocated to provide rewards to holders when they use our products.
    13.884.000 $Rk
    he treasury must be managed by the DAO. With the 15%, we can demonstrate the community's potential and gradually increase it.
    10.413.000 $Rk
    The great work done by the team deserves reward. Only 5% will be allocated to them, with a lock-up period.
    3.471.000 $Rk
    The tokenomics are flexible and independent of the presale sellout.
    In this case, the tokenomics will be cut down as a percentage in favor of current investors!
    Safe steps, GOAL: The Moon 🚀
    The $Rickcoin Roadmap
    The DAO project is built together with our community, which supports us and will guide the future of the project at all times. Do you want to have a say? Get your $Rk tokens to share your visions of Web3.
    BUY NOW 🔥
    Remember to buy cryptocurrencies at your own risk.
    They may not be regulated in your jurisdiction. Keep your assets safe!
    Q1 - 2024
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